Event/ Disaster Management Principles
Certification of Events – for the purpose of emergency and disaster mitigation management.

Legislative venue compliance is becoming focal within the event management industry. Looking at stadiums or large venues, then one can see how complex the infrastructure is, or any large area that can, could and has been utilized for public use, they all needs to comply with certain aspects of legislation.

The owner that is in the business of renting out or leasing his whole or partial facility, should always be up to date with current legislation. Certification is a worldwide requirement when it comes to compliance with legislation covering aspects ranging from electricity, health, and building regulations for instance to fire codes, need to be checked beforehand. As they all have limitations, conditions, and expiray dates. All of wich becomes relevant at the point where we have a full stadium. Do we then comply legally?  


Certification can and should cover the following criteria, and this should become a standard checklist for event promotors, to check, when enquiring abiut the venue, its capacity and cost.

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